The Best Comedy Movies You Must Watch

It’s always a good time to laugh. All right, no. If there is one thing Joker taught us, that is not true. But in general, most of us can apply a lot of humor to our lives, which makes comedy movies unique. They give us a chance to take a break, breathe, and get rid of all that energy, discord. And also anything else on your mind in a combined guffaw.

let’s say it’s fun, a year in the comedy with a horrible story. And yet, in addition to the devastating cries of the mysterious death. Comedy movies thrived on the big screen (and broadcast) in 2019. Across all sorts of mediums, including some of the box office wonders. A few exciting oddballs, as well as several prize contestants.

In short, there were a lot of good things, and with that in mind. We voted for their favorites of the year. Here are the best and most fun comedy movies in 2019. From the delicate lovers and the indie gems to the wonders of the box office and the beat of the box office


One of the biggest surprises of 2019 for me was the hero joke Shazam! Incorporated into the soul work of Asher Angel as Billy Bastion, an adopted child with the magical ability to transform a muscle-bound adult hero. The film can explore almost every comic element of its foundation to find high humor. It’s like Big, who has a little light kid. Billy uses his new powers to get a beer, a trench school, and filter out Instagram followers, among other things illegal. Zachary Levi despises you for not liking his game of goofballs like Billy’s alter-ego Shazam, and Jack Dylan Grazer dismissing him as a good Billy’s brother Freddy.

Freddy and Billy test Shazam’s different skills in some of the movie’s most iconic scenes, mainly when they stop discovering that Shazam has a bullet. Some tonal changes don’t work at all, and I never believed that the shy Levi and Suspicious Angel are the same characters. Still, Shazam is always funny and refreshingly moving to the standard superhero film formula. – Tom Reimann


Olivia Wilde is out through the door into her directing role with a brave and proud young actress. The latter brings memorable characters by treating them with unlimited compassion and throwing them regularly at wild shenanigans to keep the laughter gone. Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein play as BFFs on board or death. A pair of high achievers who realize they need to participate in parties before graduating.

And no one brings a better madness than Billie Lourd as the girl of a wealthy neighbor. Who always contradicts her soul integrity expectations. Wilde became bold in her early career, bringing with her a thrilling and humorous comedy-drama. Without a doubt, Bookmart is one of the most heartfelt, most influential comedians and Wilde’s first Knockout team. – Haleigh Foutch

LEGO Movie 2: Part Two

Lucy asks this question with contempt, an incomprehensible self-awareness of how old audiences react when presenting their children in Lego Movie 2: Part Two and seeing that everyone is about to sing. But here’s the thing: This time, I asked myself the same question – without the excitement and wonder in my eyes and heart. And friends, I’m happy to report that, in addition to being a well-made, outstanding comedy commentary, and the animated viewing event, Lego Movie 2: Part Two dark music, with some enjoyable tracks, written by Jon Lajoie of the League – one song means how delicious!

Like its predecessor, Lego Movie 2 plays you with humor per second, sprouting evenly in character behavior and directing “written humor.” It also takes a turn from its predecessor (human beings play these Legos) and takes it as given, which has led to a vibrant narrative that has choked me. The two performances of Chris Pratt as Emmet and Rex Dangervest may not be enough for him to do so far, especially as Dangervest. This role begins as a fun song for an independent movie strike and turns into a vicious criticism of painful toxicity. But, you know, it’s funny! – Gregory Lawrence

The Dead Are Not Dead

Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Do Not is a polarizing pic, mostly (if not more so) because he knows himself, a meta zombie movie full of deadpan fun from a young person who might have made that kind of movie. Jarmusch had previously ventured into a supernatural source with a completely sublime Only Lovers Left Alive, which followed vampire couples struggling with their traumatic love and the philosophical woes and eternal life. Here, in The Dead Do Not die, Jarmusch relies heavily on the supernatural, the more exciting the zombie genre at the time, and repeatedly points out that this is not something that scares your mother.


I never really thought of Jarmusch as a little boy who loves little, but the man wants it for The Dead Do Not die. You know right away what this movie is doing when, during a single round of tracks, Driver’s character tells Murray’s story, “This is a theme song,” as they drive. Another oddity that came after the first zombie attack hit a local dinner, with each police officer going upstairs, asking the same questions as the last one, and finally having police actress Chloe Sevigny pull out in front of her small electric car. Jarmusch is having fun in a zombie sandbox box without being a slave to it, going in and out of the story series and straightening up and giving his viewers a brilliant, fun, and embarrassing piece of undead mania. – Allie Gemmill

Long Shooting

Long Shot is a weird movie, but again, Jonathan Levine made some funny movies. He used a kind of zombie to tell a love story to the Warm Bodies, created a 50/50 heart-wrenching “cancer comedy,” and opened a drug-topped Christmas movie in The Night Before. But the Long Shot President of the United States meets the jokes of Seth Rogen, and somehow works perfectly.

Rogen plays the role of a progressive journalist who writes down the Secretary of State (Charlize Theron), Rogen’s former babysitter. A fun, offensive, and humorous comedy continues, with Rogen and Theron being genuinely crazy. At the same time, Levine is cleverly dealing with the political situation of 2019 to be preaching in effect. And it’s weird! – Adam Chitwood

Beach Bum

Underneath all nonsense, director Harmony Korine has a heart. In the case of The Beach Bum, that heart buried under the surf with the right sand but believe me, there is. Corine in March 2019 releases stars Matthew McConaughey as the rare poet Moondog, a Margaritaville native who probably smells like a mixture of Banana Boat and Hennessey all the time. Moondog is a big, addictive person who treats everyone like a BFF in the making and feels pressured to take responsibility for his own life. His world was quickly shattered when his ex-wife, Minnie (Isla Fisher), was killed in a strange accident during the couple’s hot night in the city.

Although The Beach Bum has its ups and downs, there are tons here that elevate it to a place of humor. A trip to Moondog’s friend’s (and Minnie’s current white man), Lingerie (Snoop Dogg), an extended sequence in which Moondog assists an old friend Captain Wack (Martin Lawrence) tricking the beloved family of four into their water while on a journey to see life, Moondog’s work and other poetry clear on his daughter’s straightforward marriage, even her stop is rehearsing with Zac Efron’s Flicker (which looks like the most critical stumbling block in South Florida ever) just a few memorable and humorous Beach Bum moments. If you missed this one, look for it on Hulu because it is not only one of the best movies of the year but probably the best introduction to Korine if you have somehow managed to skip his career over the years. – Allie Gemmill


Indeed, Ari Aster’s Midsommar is a dark and terrifying movie that talks about coping with grief, trauma, and independence. It’s also possible to have a sense of humor. That’s part of what makes it so different. Such a caddy-corner sophomore attempt from a Hereditary filmmaker after his endless interruptions and crushing feature. Aster was hired to write a terrifying movie about the scary guests at the Swedish Midsummer Festival.

She approached the project proudly, relying on comic strokes amidst the genocide. And wrote a real love letter to the pagan religion on her built city’s elaborate walls. Aster himself said he takes the film as a black joke. Including the ending punchline, which finds a place to laugh at the madness of despair. It is a distorted, disturbing drama, as the setting sun of a film, which acts as a perfect reflection of its evil. – Haleigh Foutch

Brittany Runs Marathon

Brittany Running Marathon is not a movie you think is a great way to go. The actress Jillian Bell is an obese woman who is determined to train and run the New York race to get used to standing. She also believes it will change her life for the better. Changes are coming, but they are a combination of good and evil as Bell’s character learns the bitterness. That his challenges are related to who he is as a person rather than how he looks on the outside. It is a beautiful, funny, and often humorous joke with a love line in good measure. But it also goes with the truth, and Bell made a stellar performance of the wandering stars cleverly in the funny and excellent field.

One cut from the dead

All I can say about One Cut of the Dead is to know as little as possible before going inside. Since it is a Japanese indie movie that has never suffered from constant marketing, you can do that! A short joke that the movie follows a film crew recording a zombie movie where they have to protect the zombies, but that’s just the iceberg start of this clever. Cleverly shot genre in the zombie genre. The film is quirky, endearing, and amazing in every way possible. Get cold, and you may end up exploding. – Matt Goldberg

Once one

Plus One is a great hangout movie because you like to associate with these characters. Co-authored and directed by Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer. The film’s actors Maya Erksine of PEN15 and The Boys’ Jack Quaid as old friends make a pact to visit all of their marital bonds together and end up dating. It’s a tried-and-true rom-com setup. But even if Plus One doesn’t break the mold by building. It’s a fun and fresh spoon in classic rom-com tropes thanks to the banter-filled script and the full-blown games from Erksine and Quaid. The two have murderous chemistry, and both are knocking on deadpan delivery. And their simple but cracked power makes the film a great spiritual moment in movies from start to finish. – Haleigh Foutch

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