Makeup Techniques

Makeup Techniques That You Can’t Learn From Books.

Wow Browsers

Let’s look at Makeup techniques. When defining your browser – start with B Pro Long wear Eyebrow Pommade to create feather lashes that almost mimic how your hair will grow in the spaces and brush to distribute color. The gray-taupe shade and soft brown tones are best suited for all flowing hair colors and the only shades you need in your makeup bag. Apply a darker shade to the end of your eyebrows with slightly brighter lashes and make a statement.

Eye of the Eyes

Tired? We too. Why not show off a little with white eyeshadow, like a Gosh Eye Designer Eyeshadow in Stardust, or a highlighter in the corner of your eye using a cotton swab to deceive you look alert. The white eyeliner on your water line is also perfect for this! Applying eyelash curlers before mascara will also open up the eye and eye area. It is usually the first thing people look at when they meet you, so do it every second count.

A Complete Foundation

When hunting for a new foundation, it is essential to look at the natural light of the color you need. The jawline is a great place to check color – and if you can, leave it for a few minutes before buying as some can oxidize and turn a completely different color.

Prepare Well

Having a clean, damp cloth before applying your makeup is probably your most important step if you want your makeup to last all day. Even after you wash, the residue can remain on our skin, so you can clean your face with a cotton pad and cleanser before applying your cream and your entire skincare process. The primer will help fix your makeup in the area and last longer than you do at night!

Crush Crush

Many of us became victims of putting blusher in the wrong place on our faces and looked at the younger 80s. Just use apples on your cheeks – pull a smile right now and look in the mirror. You want to apply it to that beautiful or sweet part of the apple on your cheek to make it look like you’ve been injected with life.

Makeup Techniques
Makeup Techniques

The Power of the Powder

Choosing the right powder is just as important as choosing your new foundation – you want to match it with your skin color as close as possible. Remove dust from your face where you usually create or notice the light and avoid highlighting your face in it. Flashback effect when looking for those most critical selfies at night!

Between Instruments

Want to pinpoint how to make a perfect cat-eye flick? You may have been trying since you saw Alexa Chung on T4 this morning or better, Adele, in the video Hello.
Yes, we get hold of a pen or brush from the corner of our nose to the end of our lash line and make a small dot just before or in the socket – depending on how well you want your eyeliner to look. Follow the liner as close to your lash line as possible. This will not only make your eyes look more impressive but also direct you to that straight line. Then where you left your dot or marker, match it to your lash line with ta-dah! It can help if you look ready to star in your music video. Clean any blemishes with a cotton swab dipped lightly to remove makeup.

Perfect Pout

Apply a highlighting touch to your cupids cups and to the center of your lower lip to make your lips look fuller and more attractive with a quick volume without painful injections.
If you like to wear bold but dry lips due to the changing climate – preparation is essential! Rub your lips gently with old brushes and a little Vaseline on a flawless base. Putting powdered powder on your lips before applying lipstick makes it last longer as well. Using your lips in the same color or color will prevent it from blending on your skin and holding the color longer.


Highlighting changes the way your face looks. Adequately covered, it will withstand many adverse conditions from your eyes, brighten your complexion, and enhance your appearance.
It would help if you always used it on your face’s highest points and where the light jumps naturally. Chest bones, facial bone, nose, and cupid bow are the best and favorite places to use it when you go * out *. Instead of going for OTT for powder highlighting, why not use liquid highlighting – you can use it before your foundation for a subtle sheen or lightly brush before powder.

He is the Clean Law

Products with creams such as foundation and gel-liner can create our makeup tools and are sometimes difficult to remove using a brush cleaner alone. Add a few B drops. Makeup Brush Cleaner in your cup or hand and rinse with warm water – this should be a trick! Repeat the process until the water comes out of the brush. Top Tip: Washing the face is also suitable for removing stubborn makeup.

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